Donegal Offline activities

This week is a busy week in promoting the “Citizenscape” website and concept. Meeting with AnTaisce and schools involved in the “Green Flag” initiative. It was a very receptive audience and we agreed to follow up with promotional material which is being printed up commercially at the moment. I think we will be able to get some schools involved in┬ásome blogging about their recycling, composting, etc activities. Meeting with the same group (different schools) on wednesday and thursday night. So all in all Citizenscape will be promoted to yet another audience.


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Donegal Composting demo OB

We have just completed an outside broadcast (a 1st for us!), of a composting demonstration in Donegal Town. Was a bit worried this morning as I travelled over as it was raining heavily coming through the “Gap” (The Gap is a local valley that divides south and north Donegal). But luckily the weather cleared and the equipment was set up. Suzanne Tinney, our waste awareness officer gave a 1hour demonstration on composting: from setting up the bin, to what can be composted, why we should compost, to showing compost at various stages. The demonstration took place in Ashtree Garden Centre, Donegal town and was organised as part of a “healthy Gardening” course organised by the HSE and the Family Resource Centre.

We set up 2 cameras and a wireless mic. Prayed for the rain to stay at bay, but set up the webcaster R500 in the boot of the car just in case! All went well and the webcast will be on our site in the next day or so.

Suzanne Tinney

IMG_2942webcast OB setupIMG_2946IMG_2948raw materials stage 1stage 2 compoststage 3stage 4the wormery

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John Connell Awards

We didn’t get this, but the Noise Abatement Society thanked us for our efforts.

steve crawshaw

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Tranquil Spaces Conference 9th October 2009

The GLA is organising a conference on ‘Tranquil Spaces’ on Friday 9th October at London Zoo, aimed at planners and open space professionals and managers, as well as noise professionals.
It includes practical application of recent research on tranquillity and soundscapes and support identifying Quiet Areas under the Environmental Noise Directive.
I will be presenting our work on Citizenscape and some aspects of SILENCE. There’s a prestigious list of speakers (and me) including the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. It promises to be an important and interesting event.

My presentation is here.

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Bristol’s work in Citizenscape submitted for award

I have today submitted our work on the noise consultation to the Noise Abatement Society for consideration for their annual John Connell award for local authorities action on noise. The text of the submission is here. The awards will be given at the house of commons, so if we’re successful it should be some good publicity for the project. Fingers crossed!

Steve Crawshaw, Bristol CC

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Reserarch note on Donegal Workshop

We had a great workshop at Donegal on Friday – I have done a full research note on my blog but the highlights are that Daragh and the team have got a great group together who are keen to start campaigning around getting government buildings to use sustainable energy as well as getting more cycle lanes in Donegal!!

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Brussels Meeting

Was great to meet other partners this week. Thanks to Brano for hosting and to Paul for finding such a great hotel! I had an invite from Max Dixon at GLA yesterday to speak at a Tranquil Spaces conference in London. He’s particularly interested in our wok on Citizenscape so I think this will be a great opportunity for dissemination.

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